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Integrating the visceral power and intensity of hard rock with the finesse and special of British folk music, Led Zeppelin redefined rock in the Seventies and for all time. They were as influential because decade as the Beatles were in the prior one. Their effect extends to classic and alternative rockers alike. Then and now, Led Zeppelin looms bigger than life on the rock landscape as a band for the ages with a practically mystical power to evoke primitive passions. Go to top menu to find Led Zeppelin tabs.

The mix of Jimmy Page‘s effective, layered guitar work, Robert Plant’s keening, upper-timbre vocals, John Paul Jones’ melodic bass playing and keyboard work, and John Bonham’s thunderous drumming made for a band whose alchemy proven enchanting and irresistible. “The slogan of the group is certainly, ‘Ever onward,’” Page said in 1977, perfectly summing up Led Zeppelin’s forward-thinking viewpoint.


The group formed in 1968 from the ashes of the Yardbirds, for which guitarist Jimmy Page had served as lead guitarist after Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck. Page put together a “New Yardbirds” in order to fulfill legal responsibilities that, once served, allowed him to move on to his blues-based dream band, Led Zeppelin. Find out how to play Led Zeppelin guitar tabs.

Page explained Led Zeppelin in a press release for their first cd with these words: “I cannot put a tag to our music. Integrating Delta blues and U.K. folk influences with a modern-day rock technique, Led Zeppelin’s symbiosis provided increase to hard rock, which prospered in the Seventies under their professional tutelage. Such classics as “Whole Lotta Love” were developed around Page’s heavyweight guitar riffs, Plant’s raw, half-screamed vocals, and the rhythm section’s deep, walloping assaults– all hallmarks of a brand-new strategy to rock that integrated heaviness and delicacy.

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