Enter Sandman

Metallica Enter Sandman Tab For Acoustic and Solo Guitar

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Composed by band members James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, and Kirk Hammett, this is about problems and things that go “bump” in the night. It has by far the most radio play of all of Metallica’s songs.
The song was supposed to be about fatality, but the topic was altered to problems after an argument with the producer.

The line in the chorus, “Take my hand, we’re off to Never Never Land” is a reference to the children’s story Peter Pan, as Peter resides in the wonderful world of Neverland. In this tune, the Sandman lives in Never Never Land, and it is a much less enjoyable location.

At 5:23 into the tune, there is a rendition of an ancient kids’s prayer carried out by James Hetfield: “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord, my soul to keep, if I pass away before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.”.

Guitar player Kirk Hammett told Rolling Stone magazine how he composed this song’s remarkable riff: “Soundgarden had just put out Louder Than Love. I was attempting to catch their mindset toward huge, heavy riffs. It was 2 o’clock in the morning. I put it on tape and didn’t think of it. When Lars heard the riff, he said, ‘That’s truly wonderful. But duplicate the first part 4 times.’ It was that recommendation that made it much more hooky.”
Hammett told Kerrang! magazine about this tune’s guitar solo: “A lot of individuals can most likely hum this one note ideal, but aside from the reality that it’s a remarkably pop music I think the solo is incredible in its own right. It fits in completely and adds a different dimension to the music.”.

Tips for playing Enter Sandman

This tune just like the majority of Metallica song,s is in G Major and is in 4/4.
This is very easy however for newbies it needs practice, this is the
best song to start playing Metallica with it likewise sounds excellent even
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Guitarist Kirk Hammett mentioned to Rolling Stone magazine how he wrote this tune’s memorable riff: “Soundgarden had actually just put out Louder Than Love. When Lars heard the riff, he shared, ‘That’s really wonderful. Hammett told Kerrang! Magazine about this song’s solo: “A lot of individuals can most likely hum this one note best, however aside from the truth that it’s an insanely popular tune I think the solo is remarkable in its own. Many starting our also wonder how to play Enter Sandman on acoustic, but hopefully the video below will help.

Metallica Amp settings to try for this song

Gain: 7
Bass: 3
Mid: 3
Treb: 8
Reverb: 2

Gain – 9
Bass – 7
Mid – 2
Treb – 10
Reverb – 3

Gain – 7
Bass – 7
Mid – 2
Treb – 7
Reverb – 2

Gain – 8
Bass – 8
Mid – 4
Treb – 8
Reverb – 4

Amps such as the Line 6 Spider IV have settings when you can dial in the clean tone and distorted tone for playing Enter Sandman chords.

For many years Hetfield used a Gibson Explorer and also  a Les Paul at times. More recently he has been playing an ESP.

He has also used a number of amps to get his sound, with a Marshall head and cabinet being a key part of his rig. He’s also used Mesa Boogie amps , Krank and an AC30.

He also regularly uses effects and pedals from LIne 6. Use the amps settings above as a starting point and see how you get on.