Play AC/DC Thunderstruck Tab For Guitar With Chords, Intro And Solo

This is another great classic from AC/DC, and has some great licks and riffs to learn. It is the opening song in the album The Razors Edge in 1990 and has one of the most memorable solos in rock, played by Angus Young.  Hope you find the Thunderstruck tab helpful. If you have your own tab or AC/DC Thunderstruck chords, feel free to submit it through our contact page and we will consider adding it to this page.
If you are struggling to learn a riff or especially the Thunderstruck solo, we suggest slowing things right down and using a metronome. Once you have all the notes and you can play without mistakes, try speeding up gradually until you reach 100%.

Amp Settings For Playing Thunderstruck Tab

Line 6 amps such as the Spider IV and AxeFX(if you are lucky enough to own one), have pre-set AC/DC tones to dial in. If you don’t have a digital effects unit, any tube pre-amp should be able to get you close to the sound you want. For the authentic sound, humbuckers on your guitar are essential and a Plexi Marshall amp.

These settings might be helpful as a start, but you really need to experiment. The sound will depend on your own guitar and amp, will hopefully allow you to enjoy the Thunderstruck guitar tab a whole lot better.

Drive 6, Treble 5, Mid 6, Bass 8, Reverb 3, Overdrive on