Rock and Roll

Led Zeppelin Rock and Roll Guitar Tab Lesson With Chords And Solo

Rock-and-roll is the second song on side one of Led Zeppelin’s untitled cd. It showcases the well-known drum solo intro and conclusion and is extremely nostalgic in feeling. A very enjoyable tune to pay attention to.

Essentially, Rock and Roll is a tune that was written, from start to finish, in about fifteen minutes flat. Possibly twenty if one wants to be charitable. For that reason, it can not consist of much meaning except that it is a toss back to the old 1950s rock ‘n’ roll that the band matured on. There are many references to songs of the 1950s. These include the Stroll which was a slow-moving dance set to rock ‘n’ roll and originated in numerous African American communities. Another is the Book of Love by the Monotones. From what I comprehend I think this tune is speaking about the 50s, and how whoever wrote this song, wants they might go back to those times “its been a very long time considering that I did the stroll”(For those of you that dont, know the stroll was a dance done in the 50s) “Its been a long time considering that the book of love” (‘The book of love was a tune from the 50s).